Uzbek - 6 pc Summer Comforter/bedspread.

Rs.9,598.00 Rs.4,799.00

Compassionately soft king-size cotton comforter for king size  bed feels almost angelic with the commendable warmth of high-quality polyester filling. Our online cotton comforter range offers an imaginative appeal to match your room decor. Available in deluxe and rich shades, which makes you feel admirable and comfortable.

6 PC Summer Comforter / Bedspread set Includes:

  • 1 King Bed Spread.
  • 1 King Bed Sheet.
  • 2 Quilted Pillows.
  • 2 Housewife Pillows.
  • Free Delivery.

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Uzbek - 6 pc Summer Comforter/bedspread.
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