Premium Bamboo Waterproof- Mattress Protector

Rs.3,398.00 Rs.1,699.00

100% WATERPROOF- This mattress protector is the perfect safeguard for your valuable mattress against all kinds of liquids, including spills, urine, and perspiration. You never have to worry about getting your mattress wet or about the ugly stain anymore, perfect for children, pets or any other daily accidents.

HEAT INSULATION LATEST TECHNOLOGY- This mattress protector is made of the latest heat insulation technology, allowing it to form a natural barrier against heat and to block it automatically. The surface will always stay cool to turn the extreme summer heat completely ignoble.

Material: 100% Bamboo fiber

Dimensions: Single: 42 x 78 Inches

Whatsapp: 0316-1601674

Size :
Premium Bamboo Waterproof- Mattress Protector
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