In Pakistani clothing and fashion industry IT certainly is an age of "let's start a 'high-end street wear' brand!"and there is certainly no shortage of new designers, fashion bloggers turned-branded clothing startups. The upside to so many people entering the market is that it forces us to think outside the box with new designs and plush distributions in order to put themselves at the forefront of a saturated arena.On the other end, consumers have to trudge their way through the mess like a hoarder trying to find a penny in their slop. We at MINAAL outshine the competition mainly because of our knowledge of fabrics which we have developed with generations of experience in textile industry and by using the premium quality craftsmanship sourced from Faisalabad, the textiles capital of  Pakistan. We are using our roots in the industry to provide the best raw materials, mating it with the brightest of ideas from our in house team of designers, we monitor our manufacturing carefully starting form the scratch till the final Product.

At MINAAL we try to remain authentic by providing an intelligent fusion of dominating eastern and western cut lines while having our heritage as a constant factor in our designs, and to stay relevant by catering a wide audience by providing balanced cultural and modern style elements, resulting in a blend of unique wearable’s attracting a broad target group. The combination of western silhouettes and our cultural inspired prints and colors has proven to be a winning team. We are offering elegant Ready-To-Wear and fabrics, tastefully printed to suit the modern Pakistani Woman. And additionally giving a promise to our customers for the quality,style, fashion and unbeatable prices for our signature printed fabrics and ready-to-wear (PRET) Lawn.

Building on the strength of our knowledge of Textiles,we are extending the MINAAL concept for our customers to experience the un-matched quality and range in our newly introduced line of Mens Fabric for Shalwar Qameez which are rich in cultural and traditional designs boasting modern styling and color schemes at the same time. A complete creative concept of Men’s Unstitched, Premium fabric selection from state of the art and highest quality weaves is used to provide our customers with the best at the un-matched prices. Additionally we are offering scarfs and strollers for aesthetically-inclined women, who can bring their style language to life with fashion fabrics. A wide range of women’s stitched trousers is also introduced to match the ready to wear items in variety of colors and styles and again not compromising the quality of fabric and best in market prices.

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